One Fine Summer

Kids on summer break, crews coming to rip the roof off and gutt the only bathroom we have…what could possibly go wrong?

More Befores and Afters

Now that we have finally come to the “end” of our project, I can take the time to organize a few before, during, and after shots.  We are thrilled with the outcome, and have spent the last month (two months?) settling in to the new space.  I already showed you the change process on the old bathroom, so I will see if I can break the rest of the renovation up into digestible pieces!

Let’s start with the exterior changes…here are some before pictures to refresh your memory:

Exterior demolition was quite a sight to behold…

This stage required a whole lot of trust.  Watching people tear your house apart is a bit unsettling.  See that white door up there?  That was the door at the back of our closet leading into the little attic playroom….this door:

And this is what that space looked like BEFORE it was torn off…here is the back corner where my laundry room now resides:

And turning around and looking back toward that closet door access…this doorway was expanded a tad and became the door into our new master bedroom.  (More on that later.)

Back outside for more of the exterior build process…in the next photo you can see where they built out the floor on the right hand side to expand our interior bedroom space by a few feet.

The view out my closet door was pretty cool at that point!

See this spot before the demolition?

Here is the same view after demolition:

That area is now my bedroom closet.  You can still see the mess of cords in the next in-progress photo.

Now fast forward three and a half months and this is what the exterior looks like now:

After much deliberation, we decided to go with a combination of dark gray, lighter gray, and black  for the porch trim.  The peak wasn’t quite finished being painted in the next photo, but it was close.

The front door *just* got painted last week.  (Yes, I know there is still blue painters’ tape along the floor edge.  I would be happy to never see another roll of blue tape as long as I live.)

We still have the foundation to paint in the spring, and a ceiling to install in the porch now that it’s roof no longer leaks, but all in all we’re pleased with how close to “finished” we are on the exterior.  (We live in a 115 year old house…who am I fooling? We will never be “finished!”)

Next post: The interior changes.



I can’t concentrate long enough to utter a complete sentence, so how about I just throw some photos up?  Let’s start with the main bathroom that was gutted…before, during, and now.

Still a LOT more to do, touch up painting, and the trim needs a LOT of love and attention…we salvaged as much as we could from the demolition to be used in this bathroom, but it needs work.


And we added shelving and some hardware yesterday that I haven’t gotten around to photographing yet, but you get the general idea.  🙂  Amazing to watch the process.




It is incredible to see the changes that have taken place in the last few weeks, and especially the transformation from August   4th (when we returned from Ocean City) to now.  Today is our final walkthrough and we will hopefully pass inspection and get our Certificate of Occupancy!!  Still lots of painting to do, especially trim, and tons (and I mean MEGATONS) of cleaning to do.  Little details need attention, but it’s all functional and “finished.”  🙂

That is just one of many post “starts” that have happened in the last month…and alas, that one was never finished either!


And again…this one will not be finished because the kids are up and have interrupted me five times already in the past five minutes.  So I give up…again.

Absentee Blogger Returns

So sorry, so sorry I’ve been MIA over here. We went on vacation and then *poof*! Everything s-l-o-w-e-d down for a week, giving us a breather and there was nothing much to report, and then WOW! Everything started happening so fast I couldn’t keep up!

We are, believe it or not, in what could be the last week of construction!!
When we left for vacation, this is what our addition looked like:





And then we came home to this:



Oh wait sorry….you weren’t supposed to see that….
So a little more of this:

And then we got a shower door!!! Whoohoo!!!

And then we got some real doors:

And paint!!

And we did some stencil in in one of the bathrooms:

And THEN we got TILE!!!
Sorry no photos yet…unless you want to see this one:

And this week is all about trim and plumbing. We might even gets sinks and toilets tomorrow!!!!!! Whoo to the HOO!!!!!
I apologize for the iPhone photos…Will be back with better and clearer pics, but since I’m writing this from the YMCA on my iPhone, this is as good as it gets for now. Figured I owed you at least a taste of what’s going on. 🙂

New Post….

…is under construction!

Stay tuned…



I will update the house project progress when we get back from our vacation! Last week was incredibly busy, and now we are at the shore taking a much needed break from home. While we are here, workers continue to work on our house. Very strange not being there to watch the daily progress, yet it will be exciting to come home to see what’s been done. 🙂
When we left, the siding guys were working on the exterior, and the tapers were taping and spackling our Sheetrock.
In the meantime, this is the view from our deck this week.


It doesn’t suck. 🙂

Week 5 Comes to an End

Plumbers finished what they could this week!  They will be back once all the sheetrock is in and the painting is done to install the rest of the fixtures.  We are reinstalling a long unused cast iron radiator that has been sitting in the basement into our new Master bedroom.  It took four guys and a lot of effort to get the radiator up to the second floor from our basement.  Here is the partially painted radiator in it’s new home.


We are also installing one of these new little wall-mount radiators in the new Master bathroom.

We don’t have much floor/wall space for a baseboard heater, and didn’t want an electric wall heater.  This was the other option, which turns out was really the best option.  We love our radiators and the radiant heat they give off in the cold weather, so I expect we will love this radiator too.

Yesterday the insulators came and in one day had all the insulation complete.  It’s beginning to really take shape! 🙂

The view from the hallway down the new hall to our Master bedroom:


The Master bedroom looking toward the door…closet to the right, new bathroom to the left:



The new Master bathroom looking back through the laundry room pocket doorway:



The laundry room looking through the pocket doorway from the new bathroom:


Still no closer to choosing outdoor trim colors.  Maybe today will be the day. 🙂  All I know is that this:



Oh, well….you never know until you try it on.  LOL

Next week is sheetrock and exterior siding on the new space.  Moving right along!

Behind the Scenes Progress

Last week was plumbing, plumbing, and more plumbing, electrical, electrical, and more electrical!  This week will be plumbing, plumbing, and more plumbing!

Turns out this job is a plumbers’ nightmare, one through which Hilltop’s awesome team is smiling through as always.  Lots of pounding, drilling, and other noises throughout the day make it obvious that lots is goin’ on up there, but these are the subtle changes we see at the end of the day walkthrough:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doesn’t look like much, but there is something very exciting about outlets EVERYWHERE! Also exciting, the washer and dryer connectors in the soon to be laundry room! Whoohoo!!! Those of you who live in an old house will be able to relate to the excitement that can be found in an electrical outlet.  🙂

Also, the old closet door has taken up it’s new residence in the old bathroom.  It may not look very pretty right now, but just wait until it has it’s Lincoln Cottage High Gloss black dress on! It’ll be a stunner!

And the sub-floor is down in the new hallway:

We also had the roofers back on Friday to repair and flash the porch roof.  NO LEAKS during yesterday’s downpour!!!  First time since we moved into the house 14 years ago!  Can’t tell you how exciting that was!  Now we can FINALLY put a wainscot ceiling in like we’ve always wanted to do.  🙂

So things continue to move along.  In the meantime, we’ve been purchasing our lights and mirrors, and attempting to choose new colors for re-painting the porch and all the trim, since we are working on our own DIY projects at the same time.  Falling in love with this house all over again.  🙂

The One in Which Timmy Falls in the Well

Okay so his name wasn’t Timmy, it was “Bubba”…and it wasn’t a well, it was my kitchen ceiling, but I couldn’t resist the catchy title! *teehee*
So I come home from an appointment this afternoon, and one of our guys was leaving as I was coming in. “Uhhh…ok, don’t go in your kitchen….don’t even look in your kitchen. Yeah just, just…um, yeah. Just don’t go in there.” and he sped off. And then I walk in the door…one of the guys who has been with us since day one meets me at the door and says matter-of-factly (with a gleam in his eye that tells me he can barely compose himself in the midst of such hilarity) that, “Um, yeah……Bubba fell through your kitchen ceiling.” Once I assured myself that Bubba was indeed okay with no injuries, and assured him that when I said I wanted a skylight I was, in fact, JOKING, I went into my kitchen to assess the damage.


Just a minor little blip which was already in the process of being repaired by the time I saw it…SO not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. 🙂
Thankfully everyone left today of sound mind and body, and they promised me that they would all be back tomorrow morning bright and early, to wreck more of my house. 😉

Week 3 Ends

The theme of this week was plumbing.

After Monday’s demolition, the plumbers ran into a little snag.  The main exit pipe, the one leading down between the dining room and kitchen walls, broke.  Apparently the worst thing that could happen, did.  If that’s the worst thing, then we’ll take it!!  The break resulted in a small hole cut in my kitchen wall above the cabinets, and a small slash in the dining room wall where the pipe cutter went through.  Minor damage that can easily be repaired.

In spite of that setback, they worked their butts off getting a shower up and working for us, and rigged a temporary shower curtain using heavy plastic and duct tape.

It may not be pretty, but it’s running hot water!!!!

Have I mentioned yet how awesome these guys are?  Oh, yeah, I did.  😉

Aaaaand we have the beginnings of a hallway….

All is well!  Monday begins Week 4.  Can’t wait to see what it brings.